The Service Pillar of Delta Sigma Iota


DSI serves as volunteers and representatives for SAMAR in order to help them achieve their goal of having educated and willing donors for cancer patients. We host drives throughout the year and work to raise money and sign up willing donors. We serve patients who need a hematopoietic stem cell transplant for leukemia, fatal blood disorders and other conditions requiring a cellular transplant for an improved life.

National Philanthropy

South Asian Marrow Association of Recruiters Inc.(SAMAR) is a community based Network member of the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) and an official Recruitment Center of the Be The Match Registry. Our focus is the South Asian community (people from India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, East Africa, Guyana, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and West Indies) and other minority groups, such as African Americans, Asians/Pacific Islanders and Hispanics.

Mission Statement: To create an informed society of individuals who would make a conscious decision to become committed volunteer marrow/blood stem cell donors and be available to donate.

Vision: Holding a clear focus, SAMAR’s mission is to facilitate a process of education, tissue typing and donor registry enrollment as a means to ensure that no global citizen is ever denied a lifesaving marrow/blood stem cell transplant solely due to the lack of a genetically specific donor.