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The next opportunity to rush Delta Sigma Iota is in the Spring 2019 semester! Make sure to come out to our events, which will be posted here as well as our Facebook page.

Spring 2019 Rush Chairs

Dev Patel

Cell Phone: +1 (732) 662-8546

Frequently Asked Questions New Member Education Process Expectations of Brothers Basics of Greek Life

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rush?

Rush is a three week period where fraternities sponsor events to recruit new members. Brothers host events in which interested students can meet and greet the brothers of Delta Sigma Iota, which allows us an opportunity to get to know you and you get to learn about us. All events are fun, informative and are a representation of our fraternity. At the end of the rush process, brothers will convene and decide if you would be a good fit for the fraternity and you will be extended an interview*. The interview is the last step in the rush process in deciding whether you will receive a bid. There are no obligations during rush throughout the entire process, from the first event all the way to the interviews.

* In order to be eligible for an interview, you must attend at least ONE informational session and TWO rush events during the semester.

What is Delta Sigma Iota?

Delta Sigma Iota is one of the youngest multicultural organizations founded at Pennsylvania State University in 2000. Even though we may be young, we have made an impact on campuses around the country by upholding our pillars; Service, Education and Unity. The brothers of Delta Sigma Iota cultivate their minds to becoming leaders in the community and bring forth new and innovative ideas to break the barriers of the past. Brothers of Delta Sigma Iota strive to spread truth, promote academics and integrate culture to enhance the community around us. The membership you gain once joining the fraternity does not only last you the few years in college. However, it is a bond that extends for the rest of your life and follows you in your future endeavors.

Why is Delta Sigma Iota the fraternity for me?

Quality over quantity. Brothers of Delta Sigma Iota pride themselves on the tight knit unity that they have with each other. With a selective process and a growing atmosphere, each member can lead the men around him to higher goals while respecting those who paved the road who his success. In the past few years, Delta Sigma Iota has grown immensely on campus and is gaining an increasing presence on campus. We are the only multicultural organization on the International Fraternity Council Executive Board and are expanding nationally. If you believe that you have a higher potential and have a desire to lead and succeed while giving back to the community, then you should join Delta Sigma Iota.

New Member Education Process

What is the New Member Education Process?

Delta Sigma Iota Fraternity, Inc. follows a standardized process which is approximately 8 weeks long and will teach you the values that each and every brother before you has learned. To many of the brothers in the fraternity, the new member education process is seen as the most rewarding experience as a brother.

Hazing Policy:
Delta Sigma Iota Fraternity, Inc. follows a strict NO HAZING policy and will not conspire to engage in hazing, participate in hazing, or commit any act that causes or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to any fellow student or person undergoing the new member education process. Any potential problem must be reported to the President and Vice President of the respective chapter or colony along with the National Council of Delta Sigma Iota, Inc.

Alcohol Policy:
Delta Sigma Iota Fraternity, Inc. enforces a strictly dry process. This means that any use of alcohol from a new member partaking in the New Member Education process will be considered as unacceptable behavior and they risk losing their membership into this organization.

Requirements to Rush

At Rutgers University, you are unable to join Greek life your Fall semester of your Freshman year. As part of the university policy, you cannot take part in the new member education process unless you have a minimum 2.5 GPA. However, Delta Sigma Iota has raised our own GPA minimum to a 2.7 this past year to make sure new members follow our pillar of Education.

Will my grades drop if I take part in the New Member Education Process?

With education being one of our pillars, we do not allow any new member’s grades to falter while they are partaking in the new member education process. Our scholarship chair keeps a track of each new member's academic progress throughout the semester and sees if anyone is struggling in any classes. Additionally, based on the classes that you are taking, our scholarship chair will help increase your involvement with the organization by parterning you with upperclassmen brothers that have taken the class in previous years as they can guide and ensure your success in those classes. Our recent new member classes have had an average semester GPA of over 3.0, and as high as 3.4. Education always comes first, no matter what the circumstance.

Will I have the time to partake in the New Member Education Process?

Yes, you will. Many brothers have taken part in the new member education process while working, taking classes, and partaking in multiple extra-curricular activities. We understand that everyone has responsibilities outside of the education process and we will allow you time to balance everything.

Expectations of Brothers

Brothers of Delta Sigma Iota are expected to have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA to be active for the semester. As well, we expect brothers to commit to at least 10 service hours per semester. Lastly, as per our bylaws, we require our active members to pay dues per every active semester. In Spring 2018, the dues active brothers paid were $160. Meanwhile, new member dues range around $50-100 during the New Member Education Process. In conclusion, we urge brothers to stand with our pillars by being philanthropic, educated and united. Active brothers are the face of the fraternity and need to uphold our national constitution and our chapter by-laws.

Basics of Greek Life

The beginning of every semester marks the start of rush. The three week process of rush ensues with brothers getting to know the rushes as well as the rushes looking to see what fraternities they fit into the best. As rush week concludes, you may be given an interview for a fraternity in which the brothers get to see you in a more professional setting. If at the end of everything the brothers decide they see you fitting into the fraternity, they will extend you a bid to go through the new member process.

Each fraternity or sorority has a New Member Educator who will be in charge of your new member education process and teach you the values or traditions of the organization. Once you finish the new member education process, you are initiated into the fraternity and are finally a brother. Delta Sigma Iota has been culminating their new member education processes with probates for the past few semesters. A probate is a event you put on at the end of the semester with your pledge class and your New Member Educator to show the Rutgers community what you’ve learned throughout the process and the progress you have made as an individual in the past few months. After the probate, you are done with your new member education process and embark on life as a brother of Delta Sigma Iota.

Delta Sigma Iota strictly adheres to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs’ (OFSA) no hazing and alcohol policy. Read more about the OFSA policy of hazing prevention.