The Education Pillar of Delta Sigma Iota

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”

Kofi Annan


Every brother is or was a student that came to college with one common goal in mind: become educated. That is the forefront of our roles and presence here and we make sure that it remains that way.


Although becoming educated through school is a priority, it is not the only means of education that we expect and encourage. We see our classes at college as simply sunlight to the tree which is ourselves. Without water, which is the positions we expect our brothers to take and the social and service events we hold, the tree will not grow. Education, in general, is ultimately what defines who we become and allows us to become the strongest versions of ourselves.

Professional Skills

Having alumni in great positions at great companies throughout the country is incredibly beneficial to us. Every semester we hold workshops where they come down and discuss with us their stories, sharing with us valuable things they've learned throughout their journeys'. These workshops provide priceless learning opportunities in public speaking, interview skills, networking, problem solving, self-confidence, and critical thinking.

Study Groups

At our chapter, we have designed a new method of studying that is both effective and efficient. Having brothers from various different majors, we implemented study groups where younger brothers get grouped with older brothers in similar majors. This way, everyone keeps a look out of each others' grades and it is the responsibility of everyone to make sure the chapter is doing well as a whole.